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I am always keen to ensure that I meet the needs of any given individual, couple or venue. This means that I am very happy to discuss specific set lengths and formats.

By way of example, for pubs/clubs, the ‘standard’ format will tend to involve around 1 ½ hours with a short interval. I have a vast range of material, so this format is far from ‘set in stone’. I have played 2-hour sets without an interval by arrangement and have also played shorter sets at festivals/functions/showcases as required. Where timeslots are pressing, I always ensure that a set does not overrun (whilst of course ensuring that full value is provided by not cutting a set any shorter than required).

For weddings, I will often be asked to play a more laid back/background ‘live lounge’ style set for a drinks reception/register signing in an afternoon and then a more upbeat live set in an evening reception. I am able to provide a DJ set in conjunction with live set(s) so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of organising separate individuals, should you wish to use both formats through the evening.

I don’t believe in adding huge amounts to my fee simply because the “w” word is involved, so please contact me to discuss specific needs for your big day and to agree a fixed price in advance, without the stress of any mysterious ‘add-ons’ appearing later.

I take a realistic and competitive approach in terms of my charges for all bookings. I understand the financial pressures of venues/individuals and will always be happy to discuss terms. This is just one of the reasons why I find myself being fortunate enough to get repeat bookings at venues.

Contact me to discuss any queries you may have or to obtain a no obligation quote